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New virtual workshop: Mastering Difficult Conversations

My colleague John Sautelle and I have launched a new virtual workshop called Mastering Difficult Conversations. The title hopefully says it all. 🙂 The format is four 2-hour sessions delivered via the Zoom video platform. You choose which sessions you do from the list of times and dates and you can therefore work at your […]

Don’t just do something – stand there!

Recently one of the people I am coaching through stage 5 of their Immunity Map* contacted me. Let’s call her Sue. Sue was concerned. Well, somewhat overwhelmed actually. The issue wasn’t the new perspective she had from uncovering her column 4 Hidden Assumption – it was her response to that understanding that was causing her […]

2500 years later: what can Buddha teach us about Personal and Organisational Development? The answer lays at the heart of it!

Note: I am talking here about the history and philosophy of the man generally known as “Buddha”. I am not talking about the religion “Buddhism” which is a separate thing. I recently completed another reading of Stephen Batchelor’s great little book: Buddhism without beliefs after also reading After Buddhism by the same author. Why the […]

My reactivity is a doorway

I have found it useful to take a very hard-line with my own reactivity. What I mean by “reactivity” is that state of feeling threatened by something someone says or implies they think about one. This could take the form of criticism, sarcasm, condescension, embarrassment, being the butt of a joke, being shouted at, ignored, […]