Murray Hopkins

Murray Hopkins

Murray is a senior consultant with over 35 years experience in the private and public sectors.

He is an excellent facilitator and coach particularly in the areas of leadership development as well as bringing disparate groups into more cohesive teams.

His past work with the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (now Department of the Environment and Energy) involved facilitation of multiple 5 day workshops and one-on-one coaching for more than 75 executive level staff.

Murray was a sought-after coach at the Australian Antarctic Division where he coached a number executive level staff and was responsible for the design and facilitation of the Expeditioner Leadership Skills program.

He has co-designed and facilitated leadership and performance development workshops for the Department of Agriculture. He facilitated more than 100 of these 1 to 5 day workshops over a two year period.

With his colleagues Anne Sautelle, John Sautelle and Eleanor Reardon, Murray co-developed the Navigating Difficult Conversations program which has been well received, especially in the education sector.

Murray is currently in demand from community groups for strategic planning and coaching support in his community.


  • Workshop facilitation
  • Coaching for Personal and Professional Development
  • Overcoming Immunity To Change™ coaching
  • Training development and technical support
  • Client needs analysis
  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Change management
  • Team based project management
  • Negotiation


  • Accredited Coach – World Institute of Action Learning
  • Accredited Facilitator – Overcoming Immunity To Change™
  • Accredited Trainer – Think On Your Feet®
  • Accredited Facilitator – Conversations That Count
  • Accredited Facilitator – Appreciative Leadership
  • Accredited Facilitator – Negotiator’s Toolkit
  • Accredited Facilitator – Corporate NLP