The key ideas underpinning our work

Our work is underpinned by these key ideas based in contemporary science.

All effective leadership development requires a blend of technical skill applied over time in the context of deep personal change. Technical skills applied in isolation are very often subverted by unconscious beliefs. These beliefs are designed to drive the deep human need to feel a sense of belonging because as a species we are wired to be highly social. Our unconscious beliefs might also make the application of the technical skills impossible to achieve. We must address both.

There are millions of years of evolutionary pressure designed to produce a high level of mutual support and connection. As a species, overall, we get the best outcomes when we work together for a common cause.

Paradoxically, the development of language, abstract concepts and our consequent self-awareness means we experience ourselves as separate from others. There is no resolution to this paradox – only an ongoing balancing act between connection and separation which is best done with as much awareness as we can muster.

Leadership development takes practice. You started when you were a child and have progressed through adolescence to adulthood. The path continues before you and the going is easier if you mindfully choose the steps.

True “leadership development” can only come from “personal development” because …

1. one’s internal experience of the matter and energy in the universe is uniquely constructed,

2. almost all brain processing is carried out with no conscious awareness what so ever, and

3. our “stories” guide our hidden architect of constructed experience.

Faced with the scientific reality that certainty about the solid nature of the world is an illusion constructed within each of us, we believe a stance of curiosity about self and others is the most adaptive and helpful response in these volatile, uncertain and complex times.

From that stance of curiosity one can build relationships and structures that support the achievement of personal, community and organisational goals.


“The act of really deeply trying to understand the sense-making of another person is as close to love as you get.”
– Jennifer Garvey Berger


Power through is more sustainable than power over. That’s our story. 😉

A bit deeper

In addition to the four key ideas above here are few deeper ideas to explore.

My reactivity is a doorway

We exist in multiple versions